The mobility scooter chassis is NOT included in the kits, so the customer needs to source and purchase their own scooter, but if you cannot source your own, please contact us and we will try to help you find one. We also try to keep a couple of suitable pre-owned mobility scooters in stock for sale, but customers must be able to collect it from our office in Bromsgrove with their kit, as we cannot send via courier.

The mobility scooter we recommend has been manufactured for many years and can normally be purchased second hand for between £200 and £400 (depending on the condition) from internet auction and sales websites such as eBay, Gumtree or Preloved, or local papers, local dealers etc.

The following information will help you to identify and purchase the correct scooter, but if you need any further advice or assistance, please contact us.

All our kits are designed to fit onto the chassis of a Shoprider Sovereign 4 Mobility Scooter, which should carry the model number S888NR or TE888NR (this number can usually be found on a silver sticker on the rear of the scooter chassis). This model has 10 inch wheels (measured over the tyres).

Shoprider Sovereign 4 (also known as TE888NR or S888NR)
The model number should be on a silver sticker on the back of the chassis.
The scooter chassis should look like this – it has 10inch wheels measured over tyre – size 10×3 or 260/85 or 3.00-4
(Newer style- black motor and gearbox – yellow disengage lever on nearside)

Older models may have a slightly different gearbox, transaxle and drive disengage lever (silver gearbox, red lever), but connectors etc. are the same on new and older models, so our kits should fit both versions.

(Older style – Silver gearbox – red disengage lever on offside)

When buying a mobility scooter, give it a good test run to check that everything works properly, including the front light (as we use that circuit for our sound units and other electric accessories). Also check that it comes with a charger, a key and good batteries – You wouldn’t want to build your new Sentinel or AEC Matador kit onto a chassis that doesn’t work!

(It is important that you purchase the 888 models with 10″ wheels – do not confuse it with the very similar looking 889 models which have 12 inch wheels (measured over the tyre) as they have almost identical body work, but have a longer chassis of a very different, non-compatible design).

We do not recommend using other makes or models of mobility scooter chassis, as the new steel body is designed to bolt into existing holes on the Shoprider chassis.

We also use the original control box and speed control, which screws straight onto our new shortened steering column / handle bar unit. The electrical connectors supplied with our electronic modules and components are also compatible and plug straight into the existing connectors on Shoprider chassis with full step-by-step instructions, so there are no complex wiring diagrams to understand and no cutting wires or soldering is required.

The new body kit bolts into existing holes on the scooter chassis
The original Shoprider handle bar control box & speed control is retained and it screws straight onto a compatible bracket on the new shortened steering column provided in the kit.
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