The AEC Matador is available in military style green or red and comes complete with a realistic engine sound unit, working front/rear lights, window glazing, rear wooden deck and a small upholstered seat pad. (See a video of it in action, together with a brochure and pictures of completed models on the YouTube video links at the bottom of this page).

(Our products are sold as complete body kits – Individual parts / components are not sold separately)

The models are built to 3″ scale (1:4). Approx size:

  • Length = 1.35m (53 inches)

  • Width = 0.53m (21 inches)

  • Height = 0.68m (27 inches)

The kits are manufactured from laser cut, welded steel and are powder coated in red or military green.

They are quick and easy to assemble (it is possible to complete them in a few days), as the pre-coloured, welded assemblies bolt together and then fix straight into the existing holes on a Shoprider Sovereign 4 mobility scooter chassis. (The scooter/motorised chassis is NOT included in the body kit – Please see details of what you need and how to find one via the main menu – we may also be able to help you find one, and we do try to keep a couple in stock, which are available for purchase separately).

(The Mobility scooter chassis, motor, controller, wheels etc. are not included in the body kit)

When mounted on the mobility scooter chassis, the kit makes a realistic, strong and powerful miniature vehicle, which can easily carry a driver and passenger, a heavy load, or tow a small trailer.

You can also customise it with our optional extras and your own additions or colour schemes as shown below.

Suggested alternative green livery with customer adjustments to radiator and bumper colours + optional signage and Amber flashing roof light.
Non-standard blue with optional extras of Amber flashing roof light, black tyres & bespoke graphics. The customer also added a jib.

The split chassis means that the rear motor section can be quickly removed, separating the vehicle into two parts (with the longest, front, section being around 1m long). This makes lifting, storage and transportation much easier and also means that it is possible to transport the vehicles in the back of many family cars, without the need for a trailer.

All the new electronic modules and components are supplied with adaptors and connectors that plug straight into existing connectors on the Shoprider Mobility scooter, so there is no need for complex electrical connections, cutting wires or soldering.

As the original mobility scooter is reported to have a range of up to 15 – 20 miles with a set of fully charged good batteries, the completed models should have plenty of charge for a day at a rally, show or carnival.

Lights & sound

The finished model looks and sounds like a real miniature diesel engine vehicle, as it has a realistic engine sound unit, which synchronises the rev speed to the movement and speed of the vehicle. It also has a built in horn and a manual mode, so that the revs can be adjusted while the vehicle is stationary.

It also has working front and rear lights, which look very effective in poor lighting conditions. You can also buy a flashing / spinning amber roof light as an optional extra, which adds a novelty factor.

Seating options

The rear deck has hinged flaps that flip up to give a more comfortable seating position. 

Alternatively you can retain the original seat and steering from the mobility scooter for a higher seating position, as shown here on one of our Sentinels.

The standard kit includes:

  • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions.

  • Steel upper chassis, which bolts into the existing fixing holes on a Shoprider Sovereign 4 mobility scooter.

  • Laser cut, welded and pre-assembled steel cab, radiator, side panels, foot boards, mudguards and steering.

  • Powder coated in either red or Military style green.

  • Bespoke engine sound unit which synchronises the rev’s to the movement and speed of the vehicle, and it has a manual mode, so that the speed of the rev’s can be adjusted while stationary. It also has a built-in horn.

  • Working front & rear lights, with switches, wiring loom and connectors.

  • CNC cut polycarbonate cab glazing. 

  • All nuts and bolts.

  • Wooden rear deck with hinged flaps that flip up to give a comfortable seating position.

  • Upholstered foam seat pad.

  • Electrical connectors which plug straight into the existing connectors on the Shoprider mobility scooter chassis. (so there is no need to cut wires or solder connections).

  • Handle bar grips

Note: The motorised mobility scooter chassis is NOT included in the kit. (See details of the specific mobility scooter needed via the main menu).

Optional Extras:

(Additional cost applies – see price list)

Black Tyres – good quality knobbly 4 ply. (Tyres only – to replace the standard grey tyres on the mobility scooter – wheel rims not included)

Tow Hook with pin and fixing bolts.

Flashing amber roof light with switch, wiring and connectors.

Graphics are available in two standard designs (Supplied on a contact sheet for the customer to apply)


WW2 Military Markings – No. H4489335 ‘GAZALA’ QG 185

Bespoke / personalised graphics to the customers own design can also be supplied. This can be a great way to promote a company or business at shows and carnivals, or just to personalise your kit.

Special order blue with optional extras of flashing amber roof light, black tyres and bespoke graphics. (The jib was added by the customer)
Standard red with optional extras of bespoke graphics and black tyres.


Videos, brochure & pictures of the AEC Matador.

Click on the images below to open the video on the YouTube website.

If using a mobile device, tilt to horizontal position for a larger view or, if using a PC or TV, click on the small square in the bottom right hand corner on the video for a full screen view. When you’ve finished watching the video, just press the back arrow on your devise to return to our website. (Note. As the videos play on the YouTube website, we have no control over and are not responsible for any follow-on video suggestions or auto-play videos made by YouTube after our video has played, or for cookies used by their website).

The AEC Matador in action.

Completed models

AEC Matador Brochure.

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